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That’s Just Fine – filmed at Uncommon Ground in Chicago on December 15, 2013


This is the leadoff tune from the “Home” album.  While writing the album, R took a short trip with his kids over their break from school.  Before he left, at the request of CL, he wrote an up swing tune in the style of Bird and Dizzy.  This was a little bit of a mischievous tune, because he didn’t expect it to be singable, let alone that lyrics could be set to it.  D not only set lyrics to it, but she did it with her signature wit – writing a “meta” song describing the genesis of the song.  And she learned to sing it, too!  After it was written, the joke was on R, as he had to learn his “unplayable” tune to the arrangement that CL and D came up with.

One More Time

This is a slower, more seductive tune that started as a ballad, but it had different plans for itself. R was trying to write a musical bed for a poem that D gave him called “The Colors of Lake Michigan”, but he wasn’t having any luck. When R sent the chart to D to see what she thought, he didn’t specify the feel or a lyrical idea. D and CL played through it and decided on a modified beguine. The group’s arrangement is a very laid back version that is both romantic and wistful. CL’s percussion, and D’s relaxed phrasing bring back memories of Astrud Gilberto.  Rob McDougle’s guitar on this is the perfect ornament to a beautiful, sad love song.  Listen for this over the closing credits of the film “Lady of the Lake”.