Album Review by Sean Ryan

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Album Review
The Fabie Anstee Trio
By Sean Ryan

As someone with none-to-negative knowledge of jazz music, I’m not very qualified to review a jazz album. But I can write about music, good music, and I’m obligated to with the debut album Home from the Chicago group, the Fabie Anstee Trio (featuring Rob McDougle).
The album’s name does the music justice. Every song makes me think of my own home, especially when I’m away from it. On each track, the smooth instrumentations mesh perfectly with the warm, rich voice of singer/pianist Derbhile Fabie. Every instrument, vocal, every note meshes naturally with the ones around it, giving the music an easy and natural feeling. One might even call it organic.
With the rise of online ways to buy music (such as iTunes), the ‘single’ has prevailed over the album for one crucial reason: selectivity. You can pick the one you like best, buy it, and avoid getting all the “bad songs” that can often come tacked on to a popular album. With Home, that’s incredibly difficult; every song is so likeable. It’s hard for me to see how anyone could not like any of these songs, and I’m fairly picky. To get a complete picture, a true sense of the album, you can’t just listen to one or two songs.
Favorites of the bunch are “Me, Myself, And Goodbye,” a fast-paced, incredibly catchy break-up tune; “Home,” a romantic, brassy, and soft ode to what a home really is; and “You Got It,” mainly for the adorable metaphors ‘You got it going on/ like strawberries and sun”, but also for its uplifting melody.
The natural, smooth sounds of the Fabie Anstee Trio and Rob McDougle make this album a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait for the next album.